Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September? Seriously?

Um...where did August go?
No matter, really.
Where did we leave off? Oh yes. The Shadow Art Fair.

What fun!! I have never seen such a packed craft house! We were there from ten in the morning until one o'clock the next morning. Intense, you say? Yes...but so well worth it.

My new set-up. My dreamiest photo moment yet.
My mouth is huge.

The crowd of fellow crafters were so talented and super friendly. I saw some familiar faces from some of the Handmade Detroit events that I've done, so that put my little nervous heart at ease. There was such diversity in the crowd! God, I love the Ann Arbor area. I had a chance to talk to some really interesting people and meet a couple repeat customers face to face.

My little brother Shaun was my wingman for the morning until husband Clint came to help me out for the evening. I had been a total idiot and volunteered for a half table (which I will never do again, for sure) and we were squished into a little three foot space. could I complain? At least I was there and business was brisk, baby! We sold about half of what we brought with us...success, bitches!

The crowd...blurry, but insane!

Clint at the Roos Roast booth...again.

Baby Shaunie...excited face.
Highlights include:

Selling alongside Taryn from Talking Squid, Sean Hages and Thomas of St. Joshua Norton Press. (Also making trades and purchases from these fine craftspeople as well.)

Seeing the loves of my life, sweet Marcy from All Things Grow, Jill from Barrel of Monkeys and Wei from Wei's Open Secret. Craft love. *sigh*

Working alongside my lil brother, who didn't flinch at all when people asked him if he was the artist who made the brooches. (ha!) and my real-life lover, Clint, who has to be the best, most genuine salesperson ever.

Coffee from Roos Roast saved my life several times throughout the day.

Shadow comes twice a year, baby, so apply!
I have to admit, I have not been craftin' it up as of late. My hand went all bunk on me and I had to get some shots to get it going again. Plus...just general summer laziness and air-conditioned hermitry have prevailed. I have applied to be a part of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair once more and am awaiting word on whether or not I've made the cut. My husband is planning on applying too...which makes me pretty giddy. He's a extremely handsome pinstriper and has really become quite good at his craft (I am his harshest critic, to put it gently). It would be sooo exciting and *cute* if we could do this thing together. Aw. Love. My good friend Becca has also we are all keeping our fingers crossed. When we know the verdict, you'll know soon after. xo


Marcy said...

aww, thank you brooke!
i came over here to tell you that the sampler you have on etsy right now with the applique flowers is GORGEOUS. like holy sh*t gorgeous.

still drooling.

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed

The Proper Peach said...

Thanks lovers!!
Alas, no DUCF for me this year.
But handsome CLint will be a vendor!