Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer so far....

I will readily admit that I hate summer.
I mean, the idea of summer is nice...I guess. It's just that I truly detest hot weather and/or being hot and /or sweating. Uck. When we moved into our house, I gave Clint 2 days to get central air installed. Being the good husband that he is (and fearing for his safety), it was up and running the next day. He knows that I am serious about my air-conditioning....and he knows what a miserable bitch I am when I get hot. I cannot stand it when the husband comments "It's so nice out. You should be doing something outside". Really? Like what? Go jogging or something equally ridiculous? No thanks.
Ironically, my daughter lives for the outdoors. Particularly, anywhere there isn't the park or a pool or the driveway. I imagine most kids are the same, wanting to go play and frolic and whatnot. *sigh*
I have been doing my very best to not be selfish and get my daughter all the fun, carefree, outdoor playtime she desires. Luckily for us all, this summer has been tolerable here in Michigan and I can partake in playgrounds and sprinklers without crying softly. I will do anything for sweet Joan...even if it means sweating until my eyes burn with dripping SPF 50 and risking blistering sunburns.
Now, that's love.
I have been able to sneak away to my a/c paradise on the account that the Shadow Art Fair is only 18 days away and I need to get crack-a-lackin.
I've made the decision that I will be veering away from my line-up of goods and trying my hand at some new things when this show is done. It's not that I don't love my just gets tedious making batches of the same items for each craft show and that's not cool. I need to get some fresh goodies in my Etsy shop and start experimenting. I'll be sure to post some pics of works in progress. Until then, photos of our glorious summer and my indoor activities.

Trike-ridin' gangsta.
Ukulele playing. I'm trying to teach her "Lady" by Styx
Big chillin' in her pool. I blew this up all by myself. And then almost fainted.

Sexy summer pic of the hubby.

Some flowers for the indoors since I can't bring myself to go outside and enjoy them.

My workstation every evening. Here are a ton of brooch pieces. You should see the scissor callous I have created on my hand. Disgusting and amazing!

Such great summer colors... you would almost think I liked the season.

One of many 'to-do' list for the Shadow Art Fair.

Ooh! I almost forgot to mention that one of our huge house projects was finished! We refinished all of our hardwood floors ! Take a look at that before pic of the dining room and you'll understand why I was so relieved! There was carpet on top of linoleum that had been glued to the hardwood floor. Big was a papery mess that we lived with until we couldn't stand it a minute longer.



We polyurethaned the living room and left it a natural oak color. But the dining room! Wheee! We painted it aqua. Trust's amazing. I'll post photos of that wonderfulness soon.

Hoping to see you at the Shadow Art Fair: July 18 12pm-12am at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti.


Tyler said...

I would like to see the aqua floor soon please!! :) thanks! xo

Lush said...

Hey Peach!
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the skunkypoo I got from you at the shadow art fair. thanks!


Marcy said...

saw this on another blog and thought i'd link to it in case you haven't seen it!

The Proper Peach said...

Hooray! Thanks Amy!!!
Hope the skunk brings you years of happiness.

I was so happy to see you.
Thanks for the link mama.

Marcy said...

ps- your new floors make me hot and bothered!